Man In The Goddamn Mirror!

Man in the mirror!
Tell me to my face that the mad things and all the hard things we fought through count for nothing..
Look me in the eye and spit out those venomous words of hopelessness..
Make an attempt to choke all the good with all the negative😤..
With all the flaws and the criticisms..
All the failures and insecurities..
The “No you can’t do that” and the “What if you fail?”


I warn you man in the mirror..

For I’ll…
Look you in the eye and say..
Get behind me you devil😈..
I’ll look the other way and fight on..
Coz I’m a prisoner of hope
Fearfully and wonderfully made😌..
Only human..only me..
So you better get on board..Man in the mirror!



In other news..I’m selling my dressing mirror 😂😂..Seriously btw!

Also, I’d like to apologize to my readers for not being able to complete the 30 day blog challenge. Life happened! Unforeseen circumstances just wouldn’t let me continue. Hope y’all will forgive me.

#np Soundtrack

Man in the mirror – Michael Jackson (But of course 😂)


Pius Andruda.

5 Favourite Songs( 30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 7)

Well well well.

With all the music I listen to on a daily, it’s been a tall order coming up with a list so short. I’ve zeroed down to the top 5 of the songs I’ve listened to in the past month or so.

Here goes.

1. Give me something – Emeli Sande

Beautiful song this one. Off the 2016 album Long live the Angels. Emeli Sande kills it on this simple track with beautiful guitar chords in the background. Song takes me places. Please download and listen for yourself.



2. Holy Spirit – Jesus Culture

The title says it all. Another beautiful track this one.

3. Majesty – Chronixx

Anybody that has listened to Chronixx knows everything he touches turns into musical gold and he doesnt disappoint on this lovely track off his 2017 album Chronology. Another one you must download. For Reggae fans and non-reggae fans alike.


4. Dream on with you – Empire cast ft Terrence Howard

Now I see why some people think I’m corny. After a rather disappointing season 3 of Empire it was only right that they ended it with something worth listening to. Terrence Howard did a pretty fine job on this track he did for Cookie. Nice vocals. Nice performance. Deservedly gets a place on my top 5.


And last but not least,

5. Yodi Yodi – Afrie

How could I end the list without dropping in an Afrie track. Definitely one to look out for, that Afrie girl. Lovely vocals. Fantastic instrumentals. Generally a wonderful track from a wonderful vocalist with a larger than life character. What could possibly go wrong?

So shorrttttt.. This is sad.

Tomorrow then?


Pius Andruda.


30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 5: Proudest Moment

Who still asks such questions?

Dear blog challenge, I’m disappointed :(.

Anyways, away from my qualms, hope y’all are all fine and dandy.

So, my proudest moment? Hmmmnn..a lot of head scratching needed there. There’s lots of those so I need to do some filtering. Uhm, lemme see. Yes. This one time I Let me first move to the next paragraph.

Yes, so this one time when I was about 10 at a family party I saved some kid’s life. Nobody noticed. I know. So sad. Anyways, this kid who was about 4yrs old was playing outside with his remote controlled toy truck when it rushed into a rusty old fridge about the size of a normal 18 year old. What the fridge was doing there in the middle of the compound, I will never know. But it was there.

old fridge

So the child decided to go pick his truck. As he ran towards the fridge, he lost his footing right in front of the fridge and fell in a heap right below it. Now, I was just lingering around outside. You know, trying to avoid greeting more elders inside. That’s when it all happened. I watched it all unfold like a Disney movie. I watched it quickly turn into a DC Comics superhero movie and in no time I had been thrown into the fray.

As the kid landed on the ground, he stretched his arms out for support. Bad news is they landed on the fridge and that somehow distorted it’s balance. It came down and was sure as hell gonna crush that little boy to nothingness.

That’s when I stepped in. Flying at lightning speed (hehe, I wish I was making this up!), I jumped right on time to stop the fridge from landing on the crying boy. At that moment, I realized that I had just saved a life. That moment must have been the proudest moment of my life. (I’m still not 100% sure if it really is!)

Sadly, when the boy’s mother ran out after hearing the screaming, she just rushed at me and in a frenzy, hurled obscenities I wish to imagine only meant “You should have come in earlier!” I walked away downtrodden. My spirit was broken. My faith in humanity shattered. My moment destroyed.

The one thing I learnt though, is that the only things we should be proud of are the ones we do, not because we want to impress someone, but because they’re the right thing to do!


And just like that, we’re done for today.

Please do pass by again tomorrow. Always a pleasure having you 🙂


Pius Andruda.

#np Soundtrack

Proud – Heather Small



30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 4: Dream Job

Oi Oi..

This is getting pretty interesting. Truth be told I’m not much of a dreamer. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a big time idealist. Just not the overly ambitious type that will stop at nothing to reach their dreams. Over the years, however, I’ve had quite a number of crazy dream jobs. I’ve put up a list.


1. Pirate. As crazy as it sounds there was a time this is all I wanted to be in the future. I was gonna be a great warrior of the sea. The man that would conquer the seven seas pillaging away regardless of what number o’ scurvy bilge rats or landlubbers I’d come across. As time wore on, as the sands of time rose with the wind and left a clear path for my vision, I was quickly hit by reality. By the fact that I was in fact a bigass landlubber myself that’d never go out to sea.

Actually, what really happened is that a friend who was tired of me wagging my tongue about piracy asked me to make a choice. Be normal or be a smelly pirate. I settled for the former. Who other than Jack Sparrow wouldn’t?


2. Engineer. I wont say much about this really. I won’t. Except there was a time when I thought I’d build Uganda’s first palm island. You know, like the ones in Dubai. Again the sands of time were at it. Reality decided it was nice time to set in. This one hasn’t completely died yet though. I’m in engineering school :-p

3. Writer. As time wore on I started to drift back to what I always knew I was born to do. Write! It’s still my dream of them at least, but I’ve also found out it’s less of a job and more of a calling. A divine calling. So step aside pastors and prophets and apostles and priests and self appointed gods and the whole lot of you “called” people. Writing is the new divine calling!

4. Saving the world. Yes. For me, this is what I would call my dream job right now. Anything that involves making the lives of lots of other people better is definitely something I wanna do. As long as I get long holidays and a lot of popcorn, hehe. Something less violent than being a superhero will do just fine.


And that’s it for today 🙂

Till tomorrow then?


Pius Andruda.

#np Soundtrack

The silly pirate song – Jack Hartman

30 Day blog Challenge. Day 3: Favourite Quote(s)

Howd’y..Today presents a pretty easy challenge, ideally. Let’s go then.

“We have learnt to fly the skies like birds and swim the seas like fish but have failed to walk the earth as brothers!” – Martin Luther King Jr.

This quote just did a number on me the first time I saw it. So much truth in it but also so much sadness.

“Life is full of colour. Most people are just colour blind.” –Pius Andruda

This one I always use when I’m justifying my moments of drama. Life is full of beauty. You just gotta open your eyes and you’ll see it.

“The best way to pay for a good moment is to enjoy it.”- Richard Bach

This speaks for itself.

..and that’s it!

Till tomorrow,I guess.


Pius Andruda.


Yodi Yodi – Afrie

30 Day blogging Challenge Day 2: 20 Facts about me

Woah! I had no idea things were gonna get personal this early in the challenge period but oh well, here we go.

All odds have been against me writing this post since I woke up this morning it’s been frustrating. First all the text kept disappearing, then the phone died etc,but here we are now. It’s undergone multiple edits  btw. So let’s go.

1. I’m christian. Not the religion. I’m a follower of Christ.

2. I’m a pretty good writer. Oops, that sounds a bit arrogant but oh well.

3. I’m a private person. I’m very private it’s scary. I don’t let that many people in which I’ve heard is not a very good thing.

4. Sapiosexual. Intelligence blinds me. I’m eternally attracted to intelligent people.

5. Give me a chatty girl any day. I just love these ones especially if they’re spewing sense. I could sit and listen all day. I guess it’s also because I’m not the most chatty of people sometimes.


6. I’m a pretty good listener. By now you should’ve established this fact. I love to just sit and listen with undivided attention. Trouble is sometimes I’m guilty of giving people attention they don’t deserve.

7. I love children. All my life I’ve run from this fact but I’m learning to accept my emotional side of late.

8. I’m a mommy’s boy. Yesss. Okay, not the chronic momma boy type. What I really mean is she means so much more than pretty much everything. If you had a momma as incredible as mine you wouldn’t judge me. Next.

9. I love love looooveee popcorn and Coke. I am forced to say I’m sorta addicted to them. I’m still healthy though, haha.

10. I sell honey. Allow me a bit of advertising, haha. I deal in pure natural, unadulterated processed honey.

Placeholder Image

11. I’m a foodie. Clearly I’m a lover of food. Everyone can see that now.

12. I’m into sports. Big time. Rugby, football, you name it. I just love it. Used to play rugby but life happened. As usual.

13. I suffer from multiple personality disorder. I know, I know. It’s a major flaw. I’m able to shift personalities so easily it’s scary. One minute I’m the jolly fun person, the next I’m no fun at all. All depends on the company I’m in I guess.

14. Ehh, this is hard.

15. I’m an underground women activist. I feel deeply about matters about issues pertaining to women and children rights. Underground- Because I haven’t really come out.

16. I easily lose interest in things, people etc. I seem to be unable to keep the same amount of interest for so long. Possibly why relationships don’t fascinate me much.

17. I have fluctuating  self-esteem. Yes. Sometimes I’m confident as hell and sometimes I’m just not up to it.

18. If you asked me to tell you who I am, there’s a 75% chance you’d get an inaccurate answer. I just don’t know. Maybe I’m scared, I don’t know.

19. Keeping time. If it’s 10am PLEASE let it be 10am. Please!

20. I think you’re awesome. Phew! This has been hard, I wont lie. Thank you for coming this far though.

See you tomorrow then?


Pius Andruda.


Valerie – Amy Winehouse