Dear Future Me

Dear future Pius, How are you doing mate? Have you gotten used to the name Pius yet? Haha. Have you eaten? Have you hugged someone today? Have you done something to make the world a better place today? Have you spoken to the most high today? Dear future Pius, I hope this finds you well. … Continue reading Dear Future Me


Uncle Jonah’s Corner – Of One Drop Beats

I probably experienced reggae before I knew it. I came into this world at a time when the likes of Lucky Dube were household names, little did I know that it was reggae music that they were singing. Reggae is a music genre that originated from the black communities in Jamaica. The genre evolved from … Continue reading Uncle Jonah’s Corner – Of One Drop Beats

Uncle Jonah’s Corner

Woooooo. It has been quite a while since this space was utilized. After so many months we are baccckkk so brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, for more fresh, entertaining, inspirational, boring, amusing and of course, annoying content 😂. In the same spirit, we are introducing Uncle Jonah's Corner. It shall be a special corner reserved … Continue reading Uncle Jonah’s Corner